KEMI receives the William T. Young Humanitarian Award


Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) was honored to receive the William T. Young Humanitarian Award at the annual Kentucky-Bred Champions Awards Luncheon.  The Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders established this award to recognize people and organizations within the industry for their humanitarian efforts.

KEMI is dedicated to improving the opportunities for young people seeking careers in the Thoroughbred industry.  The internship program places college students or recent graduates on some of the most prestigious Thoroughbred farms in Central Kentucky, where they live and work for five to six months and gain hands-on experience working with some of the finest Thoroughbreds in the world.  KEMI also exposes the interns to lectures, seminars, and industry events to meet and learn from industry professionals.  KEMI has had the honor of serving the Thoroughbred industry in the Bluegrass for over sixteen years and has offered internships to nearly 1,000 young people from all 50 states and 19 foreign countries.  Many of our interns choose to stay in Central Kentucky and pursue careers in the Thoroughbred industry, becoming the next  generation to continue the tradition of world-class Thoroughbred nurseries and racing in the Bluegrass.

The KEMI program would like to thank KTOB for this honor.  We would also like to thank all of the farms, industry professionals, and collegiate equine programs that support our efforts.

KEMI is now accepting applications for Fall 2017


The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) is now accepting applications for our Fall of 2017 session.  Dates for Fall 2017 are June 19 – December 1, 2017.  Applications are located on this website.  The deadline for applications is April 30, 2017.  Any questions can be directed to:

KEMI Announces Spring 2017 Interns


The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) is pleased to welcome 31 interns for the Spring 2017 session:

Rebecca Bannan – Michigan State University

Marisa Beanland – University of Vermont

Lauren Bedell – Post University

Katheryn Bowser – Auburn University

Kaitlin Bruce – University of Tennessee, Martin

Lauren Brunn – University of Findlay

Chelsey Burris – University of Guelph (Canada)

Roxanne Cameron – University of Queensland (Australia)

Allison Cropper – Morehead State University

Morgan Gustin – University of Maine

Alisa Gutierrez – Colorado State University

Holly Hersey – University of Maine

Sara Holtz – University of Idaho

Katie Kingsley – Texas A&M University

Kaylee Layton – Utah State University

Catherine Messerly – Virginia Tech University

Thomas Miller – Oxford Brooks University (England)

Stevie Mirrop – Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Mackayla Nelson – Texas A&M University, Commerce

Adam Nesbitt – College of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Enterprise (Ireland)

Jack Newman – Totton College (England)

Katherine Ott – University of California, Davis

Clement Porcher – University of Pantheon (France)

Jess Reed – West Virginia University

Kendra Relyea – California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Hannah Rolle – Oklahoma State University

Daniel Schmidt – Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Kameron Sheffield – Stephen F. Austin State University

Megan Sullivan – Colorado State University

Katie Tyndall – North Carolina State University

Jessica Woods – Morehead State University

Welcome Interns!

Fall 2016 KEMI Graduates

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Congratulations to our Fall of 2016 Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) graduates!

Lauren Bedell – Post University – Monticule Farm

Taylor Breeding – University of Arkansas – Taylor Made Farm

Hannah Brehm – Texas A&M University – Three Chimneys Farm

Lauren Brunn – University of Findlay – WinStar Farm

Jessica Colling – California State University, Fresno – Indian Creek Farm

Sarah Davidson – Washington State University – Three Chimneys Farm

Tracey Fischer – University of Queensland (Australia ) – Trackside Farm

Sarah-Jane Fish – University of Queensland (Australia) – Valkyre Stud

Elizabeth Fitzgerald – Oregon State University – Denali Stud

Ji Hoon Hyun – Jeju University (South Korea) – Silver Springs Stud

Annette Lokkesmoe – University of Wisconsin, River Falls – Margaux Farm

Lauren Maupin – Tarleton State University – Shawnee Farm

Shannon O’Hair – Iowa State University – Indian Creek Farm

Alexandria Phillipson – Washington State University – WinStar Farm

Marcelo Rizo Patron – University of Kentucky – Stone Farm

Jessica Sears – Washington State University – Silver Springs Stud

Katie Snyder – Southern Utah University – Pin Oak Stud

Emily Spengler – University of Georgia – Adena Springs

Caroline Spieker – University of Maryland – Ashford Stud

Allie Tamouzian – California State University, Fresno – Ashford Stud

Isabella Vieira – University of Missouri – Dixiana Farm

Erica Yopp – Berry College – Lane’s End/Oak Tree Division

Best of luck to our Fall 2016 graduates!

KEMI Announces Spring 2016 Interns


The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) is pleased to welcome 30 interns for the Spring 2016 session:

spring-2016-internsLindsey Arthur – Virginia Tech
Hayley Barker – Montana State University
Kalila Clarke – University of Georgia
Jade Copeland – University of Queensland (AUS)
Julia DePugh – University of Arizona
Elizabeth Ennis – Texas A&M University
Angus Ferguson – Charles Sturt University (AUS)
Tracey Fischer – University of Queensland (AUS)
Sarah-Jane Fish – University of Queensland (AUS)
Elizabeth Fitzgerald – Oregon State University
Margaret Greiter – Iowa State University
Kelly Harrington – University of Wisconsin-Madison
Heather Holderby – Michigan State University
Desirae Holdt – Washington State University
Katelyn Huffman – Utah State University
Kayla Hufford – Washington State University
Lindsay Johnson – University of Connecticut
Twila Johnson – Texas A&M University
Annette Lenhardt – LVZ Futterkamp (GER)
Annette Lokkesmoe – University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Brittany Magill – University of Wisconsin-River Falls
Kirstin McCutchan – Clemson University
Cian McEntee – University of Kentucky
Jessica McGehee – University of Southern Mississippi
Kelly McKinnell – Clemson University
Erin McLaughlin – Centenary College
Maeghen Reitz – Delaware Valley University
Lindsey Taylor – University of Georgia
Brittany Tisthammer – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Alyssa Toupin – University of Findlay Welcome Interns!

Change of Session Dates – 2016 and Beyond


In order to better accommodate our Host Farms, the KEMI Board has made changes to our program dates that will take effect in 2016 and beyond. The Spring Session will be shortened by one week. Interns will still arrive in mid-January, but will be finishing up the last week of May/first few days of June. The Fall Session interns will then arrive mid-June and finish up the last week of November/first few days of December. This means the Fall session will be lengthened by about two weeks. This change was suggested by those farms that primarily prep yearlings. They requested that we bring the interns in earlier to expose them to those yearlings being prepared for the July sales.

Future Dates for KEMI sessions:

2016 Spring
January 11 – June 3

2016 Fall
June 20 – December 2

2017 Spring
January 9 – June 2

2017 Fall
June 19 – December 1

2018 Spring
January 8 – June 1

2018 Fall
June 18 – November 30

Future sessions will follow the same pattern. These changes do not affect the application dates.

  • Spring applications are accepted between August 1 and October 31.
  • Fall applications are accepted February 1 – April 30.