KEMI Announces Spring 2017 Interns

January 10, 2017News

The Kentucky Equine Management Internship (KEMI) is pleased to welcome 31 interns for the Spring 2017 session:

Rebecca Bannan – Michigan State University

Marisa Beanland – University of Vermont

Lauren Bedell – Post University

Katheryn Bowser – Auburn University

Kaitlin Bruce – University of Tennessee, Martin

Lauren Brunn – University of Findlay

Chelsey Burris – University of Guelph (Canada)

Roxanne Cameron – University of Queensland (Australia)

Allison Cropper – Morehead State University

Morgan Gustin – University of Maine

Alisa Gutierrez – Colorado State University

Holly Hersey – University of Maine

Sara Holtz – University of Idaho

Katie Kingsley – Texas A&M University

Kaylee Layton – Utah State University

Catherine Messerly – Virginia Tech University

Thomas Miller – Oxford Brooks University (England)

Stevie Mirrop – Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Mackayla Nelson – Texas A&M University, Commerce

Adam Nesbitt – College of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Enterprise (Ireland)

Jack Newman – Totton College (England)

Katherine Ott – University of California, Davis

Clement Porcher – University of Pantheon (France)

Jess Reed – West Virginia University

Kendra Relyea – California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Hannah Rolle – Oklahoma State University

Daniel Schmidt – Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Kameron Sheffield – Stephen F. Austin State University

Megan Sullivan – Colorado State University

Katie Tyndall – North Carolina State University

Jessica Woods – Morehead State University

Welcome Interns!